Elevating Web2 business into a Web3 future.

We are passionate about our mission to bridge the gap between today's web2 businesses and their web3 potential.

Web3 services tailored to your individual needs.

Our comprehensive services are easy to implement, affordable, and highly effective. With Ghoul Cat's experience, you will be able to create value in a quickly evolving marketplace.

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Strategic consultants, experts in accelerating change for business and individuals. Our experienced team can translate your idea into its web3 application.

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Smart Contracts

We provide smart contract consultation, auditing, and deployment. Whatever the the stage of your project, we provide personalized services for your needs.

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We build exciting custom websites, innovative dApps, trustworthy servers, and cutting edge tools.

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We offer lessons for various aspects of web3 to help accelerate and spread knowledge to teams unfamiliar with the technology.

We're an experienced and talented team of Web3 professionals.

Ghoul Cat has strategic advantages compared to competitors. We have experience with blockchain and web3 technology implementations, proven expertise in the deployment of financially successful projects, and a variety of solutions for any kind of business or idea.

A simple and effective three step process.



Tell us about your idea or project! Don't worry if it is underdeveloped or very abstract, we can work with you to refine it.



We work with you to develop a plan on how to execute the project and any specific requirements that are needed to see it to completion.



The project will be developed and ready to share with the world!

Relationships based on trust.

"Where perfectionism intersects with professionalism"

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Sam Ellis
Artist - @manofmissle

"Provided invaluable knowledge and smart contract assistance"

  • Consulting
  • Smart Contracts
Game Developer - @chunk_studio

"An absolute pleasure to work with, easily the best developer I have worked with in web3”"

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  • Smart Contract
  • Consulting
Artist - @yvgal

Let's build something great!